Under the Sun Down Under Blog Update 3

On three hours of sleep I got a ride from our publicist Melissa to meet up with Tim and get on the road. We stopped for breakfast and did a couple of phone interviews before we got up to the Goldy and paddled out at D'bah. I was promptly vibed by all the groms with my wooden handplane and short trunks, then got bounced around in the five foot lumpy surf while Tim ripped it up on his flouresent kneeboard. After our sesh we handed out a few flyers and got some lunch at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant right on the beach. The food over here is awesome. Quality cafes with fruit and veggie juices, fresh sandwiches, handmade gelato and insane coffee are abound.
That night we showed the film at the top level of Twin Towns, one of many Golf Coast highrise casinos. It was a chore hauling up our 25 foot screen, speakers, projector, stands and giveaways, but the venue was great and a beautiful evening ensued with my film, live music by Kim Campbell, and the new documentary Surfing 50 States. Its a story about two young Aussie guys who got an old milk truck and drove around the US trying to surf in every state. Its pretty classic.
We nearly packed the house again that night and it felt really great to be back in the places I shot the film and show it to its home crowds.
This morning we woke up to stiff onshore winds and one foot wind chop. While Time and our assistant Caroline ate some breakfast, I waded out with the other beachgoers and body-wamped in the shorebreak. After drying off, Tim called Dick Van Stralen who shaped a couple custom boards for the tour as raffle prizes. Dick shapes the majority of Rasta's boards and is an absolute legend. Everything from his board designs to his outlook on life is inspiring.

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