Under the Sun Down Under Blog Update 2

After an interview with Bay FM and a fun couple of surfs we rolled downtown and setup for the first show of the UTS tour. Byron was packed. Having always shot in autumn, winter and spring I'd never seen it in its full backpacker glory. Filling the Hotel Great Northern, we showed UTS to its home crowd and rocked out to The Band of Frequencies (who made half of the original score for UTS) and the boys' other band Oka. When the credits came up Tim introduced me to the packed house and asked the crowd if they had any questions. Unlike back in the States, I guess Aussies aren't too big on Q&A, so I just stood up there with a stupid smile on my face until someone in the audience yelled out something nice about my effort, and the crowd cheered. Relieved, I made a mental note not to field any questions for the rest of the tour.
It was really good hanging with the boys from the band and catching up. A few of the local pros showed up, including the legendary Jim Banks. A couple of notables were missing though- just missed Rasta by a few days from his trip to Hawaii and Beau was out of commission suffering from some broken ribs after an epic trip to Micronesia.
The music was insane. We spent all night rocking out fueled on pints of Coopers, an amazing pale ale that reminded me of Sierra Nevada but smoother. After the party we drove to a mermaid's house deep in the Byron hills and finally hit the sack in the wee hours of the morning.

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