Going Away...

I'm going up to Yosemite for two weeks to finish up production of a rock climbing documentary my cousin Brian More and I have been working on for the past 3 years. I'll update the page when I return.

Photo by Brian More

Making of UTS pt.2


THis vid was made in after the first theft. It was a perfect day and Josh Kimball and I were shooting in the water for hours. When I came I found Rasta's van window smashed and all of our gear gone. Two weeks after I made this video, we were surfing on a different part of the coast in a different car I had just bought. While we were in the water, someone broke into our car again.

photo by Josh Kimball

Making Of... Pt. 2

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Under the Sun Making of part 1

THis is the first making of clip I made while shooting on location in Australia... Having fun despite a slow start.

Photo by Josh Kimball

Making Of... Pt. 1

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underthesunsurfmovie.com is launched...

After 12 long months of traveling back and forth to Australia I am back in Southern California living in my van and editing at the Ubiquity Records offices in Orange County. Last week I finished the trailer and we are putting the finishing touches on the new website this week.